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Brand: Athletic
Weight: 55.60kg
Dimensions: 2,460.00mm x 785.00mm x 1,060.00mm
Tags: Cardio , Rower
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A rower, often referred to as a rowing machine, is a stationary exercise device that mimics the motion of watercraft rowing. Designed to enhance cardiovascular health, it engages both upper and lower body muscles, providing a comprehensive workout. Its smooth, low-impact movements are easy on the joints, making it suitable for individuals of all fitness levels.


  • Scan,
  • time,
  • cont,
  • calories,
  • total cnt,
  • wireless pulse

Unique fan wheel system

System transmission: chain for line Professional

Micro-Level Wind-Resistance Control  

Aluminium rail and stainless steel top surface
Max user's weight: 150kg
Build up size: 2460x785x1060mm
Weight: 55,6kg/43kg