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Brand: DYNAMIc TapE
Dimensions: 5,000.00mm

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Not just any tape, but a Biomechanical Tape® that changes the game in therapeutic taping. Dynamic Tape Eco, made from recycled plastic bottles, has a higher elastic modulus meaning that it hits a much higher resistance without stretching as far making it well suited to techniques that require high force but where there is minimal movement occurring such as joint glides, positioning or ligamentous applications. Revolutionizing Namibian sports, one sustainable stride at a time.

Dynamic Tape is applied in inner or mid range with stretch so that the elasticity of the tape absorbs load as the muscle or joint lengthens. This will reduce the eccentric demand on the muscle decelerating the movement e.g. hamstrings. Energy is then stored and as the muscle begins to shorten is re-injected back into the system to assist the concentric contraction.

This acts in much the same way as a bungee cord. The bungee cord absorbs load and decelerates the jumper. Once deceleration is complete the stored energy is reintroduced and the jumper is accelerated upwards. 

Note that this only occurs if the bungee is under tension early in the jump. If it only begins to tension towards the end very little load is absorbed and the jumper hits the ground with considerable force. In other words, applying the tape at the end of range (lengthened position) results in very little load absorption.

By mimicking the action of the muscle we can reduce load absorption requirements of the muscle. Reduced load equals a reduction in pain and metabolic demand which may in turn improve fatigue tolerance. We can assist overloaded muscles, compensate for weak ones, resist to encourage strengthening and pull the body part in various directions to improve the biomechanics.