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Brand: Athletic
Dimensions: 14,640.00mm x 8,100.00mm x 25,550.00mm
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A stair climber is a stationary exercise machine that simulates the action of climbing stairs. Offering a rigorous lower-body workout, it targets the glutes, calves, quads, and hamstrings. This low-impact device provides an effective cardiovascular workout while also toning and strengthening muscles, making it a popular choice for both calorie-burning and muscle definition.

Speed range:14-140steps/min // 10 levels  
Computer: White light LED screen provide 36 pre-set program and 1 manual + 3 user's manual
Pace counting
MP3 input and two built-in speakers for your option
USB charger and input  for your option
Size of stair: 550 x 240 X 180mm
Effective stair: 3
Total stair: 8
Slope angle of stair: 38 degree

DC motor : 2.0HP
Break : power outage
Auto stop without loading
Max user's weigth: 160kgs
PRODUCT DIMENSION: 1464 x 810 x 2555mm
Weight: 205kg/175kg