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Brand: Athletic
Weight: 45.00kg
Dimensions: 1,685.00mm x 790.00mm x 860.00mm
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The Adjustable Decline Bench is a versatile piece of gym equipment designed to provide users with varying degrees of decline angles. This adjustability allows for targeting specific muscle groups, especially within the chest and core.

Constructed with a sturdy frame and padded cushioning, the bench supports users in a supine position (lying face up) but at a downward angle. The adjustable feature can alter the intensity and focus of exercises, making workouts more varied and challenging.

Common exercises performed on this bench include decline bench presses, which emphasize the lower pectoral muscles, and decline sit-ups or crunches, intensifying the engagement of the abdominal muscles compared to flat or incline variations.

The Adjustable Decline Bench often comes with foot or leg holders, ensuring the user's stability during workouts. This feature is particularly beneficial during core exercises, as it provides anchorage, allowing users to perform controlled and effective movements. As always, focusing on proper form is paramount to ensure optimal muscle engagement and minimize the risk of injury.

N.W: 45kg
G.W: 51kg
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Tube Thickness 3.0mm