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Brand: Athletic
Weight: 250.00kg
Dimensions: 1,150.00mm x 1,060.00mm x 1,575.00mm
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The Abdominal Isolator is a specialized piece of gym equipment designed to target and strengthen the core muscles, particularly the rectus abdominis or the "six-pack" muscles. The machine provides a controlled environment for abdominal exercises, reducing the risk of strain on the back and neck.

To use the Abdominal Isolator, users sit or lie down on the machine, placing their hands on the designated handles or bars. They then contract their abdominal muscles to perform a crunch or sit-up motion against the resistance provided by the machine, usually through a weight stack or resistance bands.

The fixed trajectory of the machine ensures that users engage their core muscles optimally throughout the entire movement. By isolating the abdominals, it ensures that secondary muscles, like the hip flexors, are less involved, maximizing the workout's efficiency on the targeted muscles.

For best results and safety, it's crucial to use proper form, ensuring the core does most of the work and the spine is protected. The Abdominal Isolator is perfect for those seeking a focused abdominal workout and is especially beneficial for individuals who want to avoid the strain that can sometimes accompany floor-based abdominal exercises.

N.W: 250kg
G.W: 385kg
For orders exceeding 20kg Transport Costs are excluded.
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Tube Thickness 3.0mm
Weight Stack 135kg