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Brand: Athletic
Weight: 290.00kg
Dimensions: 1,625.00mm x 815.00mm x 1,528.00mm
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The Adductor & Abductor Combo Machine is a versatile piece of gym equipment designed to target both the inner thigh (adductor) muscles and the outer thigh (abductor) muscles. Users sit in the machine with their legs positioned between two padded levers.

  • For the adductor function: Users start with their legs spread apart and squeeze them together against resistance, engaging the inner thigh muscles.
  • For the abductor function: Users begin with their legs together and push them outward against the machine's resistance, engaging the outer thigh muscles.

The machine typically comes with adjustable resistance settings to cater to users of various strength levels. Its dual-function design allows for a comprehensive thigh workout, efficiently targeting both muscle groups in one session. Proper form and control are essential to maximize the benefits and prevent potential injuries. This combo machine is particularly favored in gyms for its space-saving feature and comprehensive leg training capabilities.

N.W: 290kg
G.W: 320kg
For orders exceeding 20kg Transport Costs are excluded.
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Tube Thickness 3.0mm
Weight Stack 135kg